Photospheric Differential Rotation from Full-Disk SOI/MDI Dopplergrams

Richard S. Bogart, Taeil Bai, & Philip H. Scherrer,

Stanford Univerity

Louis Strous,

National Solar Observatory, Sacramento Peak Observatories

George W. Simon,

U. S. Air Force Phillips Laboratories

Theodore D. Tarbell,



We report on measurements of the solar surface differential rotation obtained from SOI/MDI full-disk Dopplergrams obtained once per minute during the 2-month Dynamics Program from 23 May through 26 July 1996. We infer the rotation profile both from the direct photospheric Doppler signel and also by tracking Doppler features (supergranules) across the solar disk. We study the rotation curve as a function of latitude, feature size, and tracking method, and look for global scale flows.

Friday, 28-Mar-1997 14:40:35 PST